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Molino e Vapoforno F.lli Tancredi

Nerola (RM) - via Maremmana, 4

Lunedi al sabato

La mattinadalle 05.30 alle 13.00

il pomeriggiodalle 16.30 alle 19.30

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Our firm was born in the 1952 in the land of Sabina.Our Grandparents started with a little flou mill.When theirs sons grew up the mill became also a bakery andthank to the youth and sacrifice the business took off.As time goes by the firm still hold its artisan and family run feature, which marked it with professionalism and reliability. When we, the grandsons, started to work in the family business, the great part of the work was already done, but we thought about introducing sweets and cookies, starting from the tradiotional ones to those for every occasion.

Today, we have a really wide range of products: Amaretti, Tozzetti, Brutti ma Buoni and several types of Ciambelline…

To our customer we guarantee our full willingness and professionalism, inherited from our parents and grandparents, and the genuineness of handmade biscuits with the products of our beloved Sabina.For sure all our cookies are handmade and the base ingredient is the extra virgin olive oil of Sabina.

Today we are able to deliver fresh bread as well as our handcrafted products to a lot of shops every day here in Sabina.

in our catalogue you will find all our products and we will always be available for our customer.

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